Our ReNew ministry helps you deal with life’s struggles while you pursue spiritual growth and healing.

Hannah’s Prayer
2nd and 4th Monday of each month, 7:00-9:00pm
A support group for women and couples dealing with infertility. The goal is to come together, share each other’s burdens, celebrate each other’s joys, and point each other back to the promise maker: Jesus Christ.

Cost: $15 | Register


Cross Current
Every other Monday, 7:00-9:00pm
A Christ-centered support group for men who deal with unwanted same-sex attraction yet desire insight and healing to pursue God’s purposes for life. The group offers a confidential and safe place to address issues related to sexual attraction, compulsive/addictive behavior and men’s mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Various books exploring men’s spiritual development and emotional healing are used.

Cost: Free
Childcare available for an additional fee.


Divorce Care
Coming Fall 2018
A Christ-centered divorce support group for men and women who are separated or divorced. Come and share; take some steps forward and start living again.
Cost: $15
Childcare available for an additional fee.


Parents of Adult Children
Coming Fall 2018
Parenting our adult children can be harder than when they were young, especially when they aren’t thriving and independent. Join us for prayer, discussion, support, and encouragement as we fight for the lives of our children and the restoration of our homes.
Cost: $28
Childcare available for an additional fee.


Fortify – The Pursuit of Purity
Coming Fall 2018
Fortify is a group for young men, ages 14-18, to find support, brotherhood, and freedom when it comes to sexual sin. By fortifying ourselves with Christ’s teachings and love – purity is possible.
Cost: $20


Grief Share
Coming Fall 2018
A hope-filled group for grieving adults designed to assist healing after the devastating loss of a loved one. It’s a safe place for you to share your story and experience the relief of knowing you are not alone. Together we will help you face your challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.


Her Story
Coming Fall 2018
A support group for women who have experienced betrayal through adultery, pornography, or the sexual addiction of a spouse or partner. Grieve, trust, forgive, and find hope again.


Men’s Integrity
Coming Fall 2018
A support group for men seeking recovery from lust, pornography, and sexually addictive behaviors. You can’t do this alone!


Surrendering the Secret
Coming Fall 2018
Many women hide the secret of abortion deep in their hearts and carry a great burden of shame and failure. This Christ-centered study will help you find the path to healing through honest, interactive Bible study, meaningful group experiences, unique journaling exercises, and confidential, caring community.



All registrations are confidential, and room locations are not publicized. The ReNew Ministry is overseen by a certified counselor who is a member of the Oak Pointe staff. All volunteer group leaders are either trained professionals or have been trained by professionals and are carefully screened.


Contact Laura Abele, our ReNew Coordinator, at or 248.912.0043.