Taste of Grace

Taste of Grace was birthed from a desire to share God’s Grace with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers in a comfortable and conversational way as a way to begin and strengthen meaningful relationships with other women. God has been using the message of His Grace to change women’s lives at Oak Pointe Church for years through a women’s study called Gracestoration. God has used this unique “study to the heart” to encourage women to grow personally in their understanding of God and His Grace and how God can be a part of their every day life. It seemed natural for us to adapt the message of Gracestoration into what we now call a Taste of Grace, so we could share His life-changing message of Grace with others.

What Is Taste of Grace?

Taste of Grace includes five lessons, presented as “grace cards”, which allow us to share God’s story and ours in a personal and practical way. The cards and their grace messages include:


Cart Card

God wants to do the journey with us. We were never designed to do life on our own.


Entrust Card

God wants us to know He is a safe place and that He wants to care for us and what we care about.


Shepherding Card

God wants us to know He is like a Shepherd who devotes His life to caring for His sheep who He dearly loves.


Stoopendous Card

God LOVES US and values a relationship with us so much that He left heaven and went to the cross so that we could experience life with Him.


Greener Pastures Card

No matter where we are in life, God wants us to know He is with us and will never leave us.

Each card is creatively shared in a personal way. As you watch the videos you will notice that spiritual truths are attached to the pictures on the cards, supporting scripture verses are shared, props are sometimes used for illustration & personal stories are added to show what God’s Grace looks like in real life.

How Do I Get Started?

You’ll want to begin by personalizing the Taste of Grace material for yourself.


Preparing to share a grace card begins with the privilege of spending personal time with the Lord and the grace material. As you linger with the Lord and the material, you’ll want to listen for what God is saying to your heart. As God leads you to share with others you will be able to share naturally from your own personal relationship with Christ and how He’s revealing Himself in your life.


To help you write your own talk, we’ve provided a tool called “Getting My Talk Going”. This tool will help walk you through a variety of things to think and pray about as you prepare to share a grace card with others.


As you watch the Taste of Grace videos you will notice that it can be shared in a variety of ways. Hopefully you will identify with a style and setting that is perfect for you.

Greener Pastures
How Do I Order the Material?

You can purchase the leader’s material for $10 and the participant’s material (group members) for $5 per packet directly from Oak Pointe Church while supplies last (248.912.0043). Each leader’s packet includes a copy of each grace card (one large and two small), a copy of the “notes and quotes” pages & and the leader’s explanation notes. The participant’s material includes a copy of each grace card (one large and two small) and a copy of the “notes and quotes” pages.


You can also order the material directly through www.gracestoration.org.


We’d LOVE to hear from you!

It’s a joy to share the message of God’s life-changing Grace with you through this material and these videos. We’d love to hear how God is using this message in your life and in the lives of others, so please feel free to email us at women@oakpointe.org.


We are excited for you as you begin this journey and discover what God has planned for YOU and EVERYONE with whom He allows you to share HIS message of GRACE!