Giving just got easier!

We’ve updated our online giving to make it easier and more secure. There’s no app to download and no account passwords to remember. It looks great on your desktop computer and on your phone. It’s easy to give quickly using a credit or debit card.




Text any amount to 84321 to give. Setup takes about two minutes, tops. After that, donating is as simple as sending a text. It’s the easiest, most spontaneous way to donate!


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Recurring Giving

Setup automatic giving on a weekly, every other week, twice monthly, or monthly basis. Just set your giving frequency to “regularly” and continue with setup.



Give to Missions

You can help support by donating to an individual team member, our general fund, or our clean water fund. Any amount helps to make a difference.



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Take a quick video tour to learn more about our new online giving. It really is that easy!

Common Questions

Why should I give online?

It is more convenient. Giving from your mobile phone, tablet or computer is really simple. And if you already pay most of your bills online, you probably don’t access a checkbook much anymore. Now you don’t need it for giving either.


You don’t have to wait to give. If you want to really give God the first fruits of your labor, you can donate on payday!


You don’t have to be in attendance to give. You can give from home while working on your finances, give while your on vacation, or anywhere you’re connected to the internet.


You can access your giving history or download a giving statement anytime, so you can always know exactly when and how much you’ve given.


Online Giving saves time – yours and ours.


Oak Pointe’s online giving is quick and simple – faster than finding checkbooks or taking out cash. And if you set up recurring giving, gifts happen automatically at an interval you decide without the need to log in every time you want to give.


On our end, using online giving saves our staff significant processing time. Not only do the checks and cash need to be counted, but all that data needs to be keyed in every week and bank deposits need to be made. With online giving, tithes and offerings both move into the bank and into the right funds in our ledger seamlessly.

Why did Oak Pointe switch systems?

Several months ago, the company that made our former church database and online giving system notified customers it would be changing payment gateways in the Spring of 2017. That meant we needed to ask our online givers to change systems. Because we needed to switch anyway, we chose to look at other online giving programs. What we found is a different church database system we were considering had recently developed an online giving component with very reasonable processing fees along with modern design and functionality. We made the switch to the new database in February, 2017 and to online giving in March, 2017. Our old online giving system will work through April, 2017, but we’re asking people to make the switch now.

What is passwordless login?

Passwordless login (or email authentication) works like this:


You do not need a password to log in. On any page, you’ll see a login link in the top right. Type your email address in the box and click “Send me a login” link. You’ll be sent an email with a login link which is good for up to 30 minutes and you won’t have to remember a password. Unless you logout or don’t visit the site in over 14 days, you’ll stay logged in on your authenticated device. This is similar to how Gmail or Facebook leave people logged in.


The big advantage is better security. Passwords are neither secure nor simple. The vast majority of people re-use their passwords even though we all know we shouldn’t. Practically speaking, most people don’t have a strong, unique password for every site or app.


The second advantage is that it completely removes the need for donors to go through an account creation process. If they donate and they have an email, their account is just created for them on the fly. We already ask donors for their email address (so we can issue them a receipt).

Is email authentication required every time?

The frequency of having to use email authentication when you give online, depends on how often you give. Once you’re logged in, you’ll stay logged in for a number of days – just like you’d expect with Gmail, Facebook, or any other web application. If you haven’t visited the giving site in over 14 days, we’ll ask you to log back in using email authentication.

How can I view my contributions?

Once you log in to Oak Pointe Online Giving, under “Donation History” you will see all of your contributions processed through our new system. You can view by year and download your donation history to a spreadsheet. Giving from our previous system will not be reflected in the new Oak Pointe Online Giving.

Will I receive a receipt?

When giving online, you will receive an email receipt showing when you gave, the amount of your gift, and where that gift was designated.

What are other options for giving?

ACH Bank Transfer (recommended)
Cash & Check
Credit & Debit Card
Text Message

How do I setup ACH donations?

Download our help document to walk you through the steps of verifying bank account ownership and setting up ACH donations.

Where can I mail contributions?

You can always send a contribution to the church’s mailing address, which is:
Oak Pointe Church
50200 W 10 Mile Rd.
Novi, MI 48374

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