Amanda McCann

Amanda McCann

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Amanda’s Story

When I first stepped foot in Oak Pointe three years ago, my immediate impression was that it looked like a shopping mall, which is where I spent my middle school years so I guess that made it feel familiar. There were just so many rooms and activities going on.

The young adult group, Sozo, has been a big blessing for me. I love how we invest in our community and try to reach every demographic without making anyone feel unworthy. That just speaks to me…especially as a person who is
covered in tattoos.

I discovered transforming prayer at Oak Pointe and it revealed some deep wounds I didn’t know I had. Dealing with those traumas caused me to shut down for a few months but no one loved me less for it. Instead, people reminded me I was valued by God and not forgotten.

I think the outreach we do that touches the outcast or loner is so important because Oak Pointe is a place to find your spiritual family.