Serving Opportunities

Use your gifts, talents, and passion to serve the Cody Partnership

Join Our Team

We are always looking to help people use their gifts and talents in ways that bring them joy. Tutoring and mentoring is one of the best ways, but we recognize limitations, especially of time and schedule. There are some other areas where we would like assistance.

Cody clean-up planning team
Our monthly Cody clean-ups have been successful and much appreciated by the community. We’d like to add people to our planning team to help identify projects and materials needed to complete them. The team generally meets once per month, either in-person or via e-mail.

Staff appreciation team
We have several staff appreciation activities for Mann, Dixon, and Cody, where we serve regularly. We’d like to expand staff appreciation to the other schools in the Cody High School feeder pattern. This would involve coming up with ideas for small tokens of appreciation, ordering, and sorting them by school. This team can work from home or via e-mail to coordinate.

Let’s Be the Change

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