Conversations Forums Replay

December 18, 2020

On December 13 and 14, 2020 Pastor Bob and the Oak Pointe Church Elders hosted members of the congregation for two forums to address questions and concerns that have arisen from the Conversations Series of sermons that were delivered earlier in the summer from June 7 through July 5.

The Conversations Forums were intended to build unity from a biblical framework on the topic of the Bible and race and to repair any rupture between the congregation and the church leaders as a result of the Conversations series.

The first half of each forum has essentially the same content as the panel answers the most commonly asked questions provided by forum attenders prior to the sessions. The second half of each forum has different content due to the unique follow-up questions that came from the floor from the forum attendees. The panel sought to address as many submitted questions as possible during the forum and plans to follow-up on questions that were not addressed due to time constraints, along with any other inquiries as they are made.