Daily 10

Draw near to God during the week with our daily devotional.

Amos 2:6-7

Social injustice matters to God. It should matter to us too.

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2 Kings 17:7-8

As human beings, we are all born with a sinful nature or a bent to rebel against God.

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2 Chronicles 24:1-2

Our spiritual journey is impacted by the godly or ungodly influences that are at work in our lives.

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2 Kings 8:7-12

Is God is challenging you to move toward someone with His impartial love and grace?

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2 Kings 5:1-3

We can all glorify God and serve Him from our unique position and set of circumstances.

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2 Chronicles 17:9-12

When God’s Word is viewed as mere restrictions, we miss the real purpose behind God’s commandments.

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