DJ and Becky Hurula

DJ and Becky Hurula

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DJ and Becky’s Story

Growing up, neither of us attended a church that was in the same community where we lived. We had school friends and we had church friends but the two worlds didn’t overlap. This left us confused about how Christians might best engage their neighbors. The first Sunday we came to Oak Pointe, our older daughter, Annika, met girls from her school. She felt understood and known.

Our younger daughter, Katelyn, has special needs. It’s sad to say, but it can seem impossible to find a church that’s ready to embrace a child like her. Oak Pointe impressed us and put us at ease right away. From ArkPark, through Adventureland, and now in XP45, Katelyn has had a buddy paired with her every week – someone she looks forward to seeing, and who looks forward to seeing her, too.

NEXT is important because so many other families like ours need a church home. As Katelyn gets older, we want to make sure there continues to be a place for her. Creating space for older children and adults with special needs is a beautiful way Oak Pointe can grow.