Faithful Steward; Good Soldier

February 16, 2021

2 Timothy 2:1-4

You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. Join with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer.


Two weeks ago, pastor Bob pointed out eight pictures of a faithful servant found in 2 Timothy 2:1-26. For the next four days, we will look at these eight pictures and see how we are doing on our journey toward spiritual maturity.

The first picture we see is that of a “FAITHFUL STEWARD.” This is found in 2 Timothy 2:1-2. Here we glean the truth that those who have received the gospel have a responsibility to faithfully pass it on to others, who pass it on still to others. Paul wanted Timothy to be faithful to pass on what he had taught him to others who would then be faithful to pass it on to others. This really speaks concerning the value of MULTIPLICATION. Here at OPC, we understand the importance of multiplication in our discipleship process. When we look for people to disciple, we look for three attributes: FAITHFUL, AVAILABLE and TEACHABLE. One of the commitments we ask for is that potential disciples will be faithful to reproduce the process even before it ends. Multiplication is necessary if each generation is to hear and understand the “promise of life” that Paul mentions in 2 Timothy 2:1.

The second picture we see is that of a “GOOD SOLDIER.” Now Paul had a front row view of what it meant to be a soldier of Rome. He had guards posted on him 24/7. As a soldier, one must “share in the suffering” of warfare. War is not pleasant. Often it can be brutal and disturbing. Yet every soldier knows what he is signing up for. In the same way, Paul is reminding Timothy that he is fighting in a spiritual battle. In this fight, it would be necessary for him to suffer. Not only should he share in this suffering, a good soldier must not entangle himself with the affairs of this world. When a soldier is in a battle, he/she must be laser focused. A soldier must not be distracted by other things or it could cost them their lives. In the same way, as soldiers of the cross, we must not let ourselves become distracted by the things of this world. We must establish our priorities and hold to them. We must persevere through hardship and realize that God is using it to develop our character.

In his commentary on 2 Timothy, J.V. McGee writes, “The child of God must recognize he/she is a soldier. And we must recognize that the Christian life is not a playground; it is a battlefield. It is a battlefield where battles are being fought and won, and where battles are also being lost.”

So as faithful servants we must see ourselves as FAITHFUL STEWARDS and GOOD SOLDIERS.

Questions to Ponder

Are you faithful, available and teachable? Who is your Timothy? Who are you passing on the faith to? Do you see yourself as a soldier? If not, why not? Are you suffering for the cause of Christ? What does “entangling yourself in the affairs of this world” look like for you? How is God developing your character through the current pandemic?

Prayer Points

  • Worship the Lord for being faithful in who He is and all that He does.
  • Thank Abba for always being available to us in prayer, amazing!
  • Thank our Sweet Savior that He understands fully all our trials and tribulations. He endured the cross, He is long-suffering.
  • Confess to the Lord times of pride and selfishness. Forgive us Lord for being closed off to You and for not being available to You or others when You prompt us.
  • Pray for grace and strength to endure any suffering for the cause of Christ. Pray for others to have strength as they live for Him.

Suggested Prayer
Loving Father, I praise You for being strong, mighty, full of power and might. Thank You for enduring the cross so that we would have life in You. Infill me and Your church with Your Holy Spirit and grant us power and strength to live each day for You, overflowing with Your love, grace, mercy and truth. Lord, forgive us when we rely on our own strength and wisdom, lead us back to Your heart. I am also asking that You would help me and Your church to endure hardship like a good soldier, knowing that You are developing character, making us more like You. Grant us perseverance and strength as we rely on You, our eyes are on You Abba. In the Name of Jesus Christ I ask, amen.

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