Godly Heritage

February 15, 2021

2 Timothy 1:7

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.


As Paul wrote, awaiting death, he reminded Timothy of “the promise of life” that is obtained through faith in Christ Jesus. Paul had been preaching and teaching a gospel that promises life to those who believe. Since it is believed that this is Paul’s final letter before his imminent death, it shows us the depth of the apostle’s heart and his commitment to preaching and teaching the Good News of Jesus. Paul was not bashful about proclaiming that Jesus was the only way to eternal life, and he wanted to encourage Timothy to be bold in carrying out his calling from God as well.

Then Paul recalls or remembers three things about Timothy. First, he remembers how often he prayed for Timothy. He prayed for him “constantly.” Timothy was on the top of Paul’s prayer list. Paul knew the struggles and temptations he would face as a young church leader. Paul was constantly praying for Timothy and other young pastors. He prayed that they would remain strong in the faith and persevere through the struggles of leading God’s flock in and out of the sheep fold. Paul wanted Timothy to know he was praying for him and that he was his number one cheerleader! This also serves as a reminder to each one of us that we should be praying for our church leaders daily.

The second thing Paul remembers is Timothy’s “tears.” It is important to remember that Timothy was like a son to Paul. There was deep intimacy and mutual respect in this father/son relationship. They shared many experiences together as Paul discipled him and trained him for ministry. The love and mutual admiration these two men had for each other was obvious. The fact that Paul was in prison had to be difficult for Timothy. The fact that Paul writes of his imminent death had to be very difficult for Timothy. Despite the tears, Paul longed to see Timothy one more time. Paul received great joy from his relationship with his spiritual son.

Lastly, Paul remembers Timothy’s “sincere faith.” Timothy was brought up in a Christian home. His mother and grandmother were important spiritual influences in his life. Timothy’s reliance on God was obvious to Paul, and Paul attributes his “sincere faith” to his godly heritage. This is such a beautiful way to begin this personal letter written by a spiritual father to his spiritual son.

Questions to Ponder

How often do you pray for your church leaders? Who are you pouring into? Who is your Timothy? Identify your godly heritage and write a letter of thanks for all that they have passed on. Identify your spiritual offspring and write them a letter of encouragement.

Prayer Points

  • Praise the Lord for being our Good Shepherd and for leading us perfectly.
  • Thank God right now for Pastor Bob/Shirley and all our Pastors and church leaders at Oak Pointe Church.
  • Ask the Lord to protect them, strengthen their frame, grant endurance and provision. Pray the same thing for the Timothys in your life.
  • Pray for yourself and our church family to daily intercede for our wonderful pastors. We are so blessed to have them.

Suggested Prayer
Father of Kindness,

I praise You for being the Lord of provision, strength, help, healing and wisdom. Thank You for Paul and Timothy’s relationships and thank You Abba for giving us relationships that are rooted in Your pure love and affection. I ask Lord even now, that You would strengthen and bless Bob and Shirley and all our pastors, elders and leaders at Oak Pointe Church. They deeply love all of us and joyfully point us to You and Your Word. I ask that You grant them all encouragement by Your Spirit and power in their inner man so that You Jesus will continue to dwell at the center of their hearts. Cause them to know the depth, length and width of Your love oh God, and grant them eternal encouragement. In the Name of Jesus Christ I ask, amen.

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