God With Us

A series through the Bible, cover to cover.

God With Us

Part 10: Letters

We receive them in our mail every day. In the New Testament there are 21 letters that were written by the apostles in the 30 or so years after the resurrection of Jesus. Of the hundreds and possibly thousands of letters that the apostles and others wrote and exchanged, only these 21 were recognized by the first Christians as having the handprint of the Spirit of God upon them. These 21 inspired letters from God to the early Christian communities scattered throughout the world contain the essence, the explanation, the application, and the defense of Christianity to their world and ours. Join us as we explore the early letters of the New Testament, most of which were written by the apostle Paul.

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Old Testament Overview

Have you ever been confused about how the Old Testament all fits together? Are there so many patriarchs and prophets and kings and characters that it just doesn’t seem to make sense? If you have fifteen minutes, Pastor Bob will help straighten everything out for you!

The Great Blessing

Genesis / Exodus / Leviticus / Numbers / Deuteronomy

The first section of the Bible, the “Pentateuch” (“five books”), takes us on a historical journey from the creation of the universe to the death of Moses. Humanity turned away from God. Yet, God did not turn away from humanity. Instead, He chose to draw near; to be with us. To put it simply: Israel was God’s plan to make Himself known to the world.

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Conquest & Chaos

Joshua / Judges / Ruth

It was time for a new generation to lead the nation of Israel, but they were up against tremendous challenges. In the books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth, these new leaders discover that engaging with the world and becoming entangled with the world are two very different things. God is always looking for a remnant of faithful people to fulfill His plan and bring hope to the world.

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A King in Place of the King

1 Samuel / 2 Samuel

God intended for Israel to be a theocracy (under the rule of God), with Yahweh serving as the one and only King for the nation. Yet, the people clamored for a human king so that they could be “like the other nations.” The prophet Samuel transitions the nation into the period of the monarchy by anointing the first two kings, Saul and David.

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The Life & Writings of Solomon

1 Kings / Proverbs / Song Of Solomon / Ecclesiastes

As King David was nearing the end of his life, the issue of his successor came to a head. Who would take the throne as Israel’s next king? In that day, the heir was typically the firstborn son (or the oldest surviving son). But God had other plans, as He had announced to David: “His name will be Solomon and I will give peace and quiet to Israel during his reign. I will secure the throne of his kingdom over Israel forever.” (1 Chronicles 22:9,10)

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Soul Songs

Job / Psalms

The book of Job holds a very unique place in the Bible, for it is the only book entirely devoted to the issue of suffering. The book of Psalms was Israel’s hymnbook, containing both personal and corporate songs that were used in the worship life of the Jewish people. Together, these books make up the soul songs of the nation.

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Kings & Prophets: To the Fall of the North

1 Kings / 2 Kings / 2 Chronicles / Obadiah / Joel / Amos / Jonah / Hosea

The history of the kings and prophets of Israel is a story depicting the nation’s unfaithfulness and God’s response of ridiculous love. It was during this period that many prophets (some who wrote books included in the Bible) arose to call the nation back to covenant loyalty with Yahweh.

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Kings & Prophets: To Exile and Return

2 Chronicles / 2 Kings / Isaiah / Jeremiah / Habbakuk / Daniel / Ezekiel / Esther / Ezra / Nehemiah / Zechariah / Haggai / Malachi

God With Us Part 7 continues chronicling how God rewards the fall of Judah with nothing but utter faithfulness. The Old Testament concludes with the major and minor prophets, the mouthpieces of God, unceasingly calling the nation to return to God with a whole heart.

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Matthew / Mark / Luke / John

Jesus broke into human history at its darkest moment–after 400 years of no prophetic word from God. Yet when Jesus spoke, the crowds were amazed at His teaching, because He taught with authority, and not as their teachers of the law. Jesus’ true spiritual light would be contrasted with the political and religious philosophies of the world. The stage was set. The conflict begins, and God’s divine plan unfolds before an unbelieving world.

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After Jesus ascended, the small community of Christ followers waited for what came next. Then, on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit arrived in power and launched a movement that continues still. The church began that day, and through the preaching of Christ crucified and risen, and at the risk of their lives, that same small community grew exponentially in the weeks and months to come, eventually influencing an empire and changing the world. This series asks us an important question. Like the early church, are we taking risks to proclaim Jesus to our neighbors, our communities, and our world?

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