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John Riley

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John’s Story

My family started attending Oak Pointe in 2011. We felt at home here right away. I love being part of this church because it teaches the Bible, it creates a fun atmosphere, and it is a safe place to ask spiritual questions. I love how Pastor Bob always reminds us that Oak Pointe is all about “no shame and no same.”

It’s so important for a church to be facing the right direction. We aren’t supposed to be huddled up and facing inward toward each other with our backs to the world. Oak Pointe faces out…we engage the people and challenges around us.

I’ve grown so much here through the relationships I’ve built and the examples I’ve seen set by Godly men. You can be real with people here. Being able to admit your struggles and share accountability with friends is huge.

I’m excited to be part of NEXT because it will make room for even more people to experience the kind of impact I’ve seen in myself and my family.