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Worship Team

Saturdays 1-3 pm & Sundays 7:00 am - 1:00 pm • 1x per month

The Worship Team serves the weekend gathering by leading people to worship Jesus through song. The Bible emphasizes worship through singing hundreds of times as a key element of what God’s people do when they gather. Our goal in leading our people in worship is to stir their hunger and affection for Jesus, so that they draw closer to God, worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth.

We are looking for talented, committed followers of Jesus who are growing in faith. Not perfect, just growing and showing the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. The band consists of vocalists, drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, stringed instruments, and even mandolin and banjo from time to time. If you don’t see your instrument on this list that doesn’t mean we don’t need or want you on our team, we are always looking for interesting instruments. We’ve even used bagpipes in our services!

The time commitment is serving once per month and preparing as necessary at home before attending rehearsals. Rehearsals are typically on Saturday afternoon. Additionally, we are looking for people to serve at special events and on student ministry worship teams.

Staging & Environments Team

As needed

Ambiance and environment always impact our experience. The Staging and Environments Team seeks to create environments that enhance and impact the experience at Oak Pointe Church.

From the stage in the worship center to the atrium where people first experience Oak Pointe to special events our desire is to reflect God’s beauty, enhance our messaging, and make people want to come back.

If you love the way environments impact our experiences, and have an eye for decorating or you love to creatively build things, this team is for you! The team serves as staging and environments need to be changed or enhanced.

Photographers, Filmmakers,
& Fine Artists

As needed

Visual art has long since been used by the church to tell stories, chronicle history, and reflect the beauty of our great creator God. If you have a passion to use these gifts we are always looking for people to capture photos and video of our events and tell stories through film and visual art. We even have small groups that can help foster creativity and help you share your talents in God’s grand narrative. This team serves based on need and availability.