Transforming Prayer is a process designed to help you identify core beliefs about yourself and/or God that are disrupting your walk with Christ and having a negative impact on your relationships. The goal is mind renewal and transformation, which is accomplished as we connect with the Holy Spirit and ask Him to bring truth to counter the lies we believe.

Transforming Prayer is not counseling/therapy, a deliverance ministry, or pain management. It is a discipleship ministry tool that helps us cooperate with God as he refines our faith, renews our minds and transforms our lives.

Transformation Prayer ministry is for:

  • People who are hurting and need help now
  • People who are intentionally pursuing personal, spiritual growth
  • People who want to learn it to help disciple others

We use a ministry model that helps us know what questions to ask as we walk with someone through this process. Watch the introductory session with Dr. Ed Smith.

What to Expect

When you meet with your Mentor, your ministry session will include:

  • Orientation on the Transforming Prayer process
  • Participation in an actual prayer session where you receive truth from the Holy Spirit
  • Answers to your questions
  • A recap of the session

Participants in the session will include you, an experienced TPM Mentor, and a prayer partner.


Do I need to prepare in advance for a TPM session?

It would be helpful for you to identify and make note of some situations in which you have been emotionally triggered recently. That will provide a starting point for the session. You can read the Transformation Prayer overview and watch an introduction video here.

Is my TPM session confidential?

Yes. Information that is shared during the ministry session stays in the session and will not be disclosed without the sharer’s permission.

How will I know TPM is working for me?

In the session you will identify a belief that feels true, though it isn’t actually true. Examples: I am unlovable, I am never good enough, I am trapped, etc. After you have shared that with the Lord, asked for His perspective, and taken some time to let Him speak to your heart, your Mentor will ask you if that belief still feels true. If it no longer feels true, then we can assume that God moved in your heart to replace the lie with His truth.

More simply, the lie you identified will no longer feel true, and circumstances that had been triggering reactions in you, no longer do.

TPM Testimonies

“I struggled for almost 10 years believing I didn’t deserve forgiveness or love from another person… I was able to heal through TPM in a way traditional counseling was unable to do for me. 

I am so grateful for the increasing measure of love, joy, trust and freedom I have in my relationship with God and love how it impacts my relationship to myself and to others.

“Transformation Prayer has become a way of life for me. I am able to not have the errors in my heart affect my relationships as they used to. I am able to more naturally be who I really am with the people who are important to me.”

I have used Transforming Prayer to address many lies in me that I absorbed during my formative years. Mostly in how I view myself and my circumstances. By uncovering them and bringing them to Jesus allowed Him to speak truth to my heart and replace these lies with what He says is true.

Additional Discipleship Opportunities

  • Once per month we provide group training for our team as well as interested newcomers
  • We offer individual training for those who desire to be able to offer this ministry to others as a Mentor
  • We highly recommend the books, articles, and videos available online for self-study


Email with any questions or to set up an appointment.